Friday, June 20, 2008

3 Methods of Gaining In Forex Trading

There are essentially 3 methods you can use to gain profits with Forex trading; purchasing and using a Forex trading system, reading books/information and then going solo or reading books/information/going solo then releasing your own Forex trading system. It's a pretty basic concept but for those who are confused about Forex trading hopefully this will clear some stuff up. Each style caters to a specific lifestyle and set of goals.
I'll kick it off with the easiest method, that being a Forex trading system. You buy it for roughly $100 and it does all the work for you (or you can have some input depending on which system you use). If you're lazy or busy this is the method I'd recommend going with. Financially speaking people have earned upwards of $100,000 in profit using a trading system with no previous trading experience; that's a lot of green. A big advantage you have with this is you're automatically trading all day and night and since the Forex market is open 24/7 you won't miss a good trade (provided you have an effective system).
The second method you buy and read books/information about Forex trading and you rock out on your own. If you like having total control and you're not a very busy person this is great; just make sure you know what you're doing before investing actual money. I think the biggest disadvantages with this are you could lose A LOT of money through the learning process and you may miss good trades (you can't be at the PC 24/7!). The advantage to doing this is you're gaining knowledge and understanding what's going on with the trading market; that's always a good thing.
The third method is essentially the same as the above but you release your own trading system after years of trading. The advantage here is you're essentially creating a business centered on your name and reputation; if you've done well with Forex trading and create a system better than the rest you're looking at some mad profit. The only real issue here, again, is the money when you're just beginning but if you can break that barrier, you're your knowledge to use and quickly profit you're set. Maybe start with a trading system, make some profit, learn all there is to know about Forex trading and THEN release your own trading system? That way you'll have all the money you'd need to get going; I don't know I'm just talking out loud (or typing... yeah you get it).

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