Friday, June 20, 2008

Forex Trading System

Dolly is WSS clone? OR WSS is a clone of Dolly?
Based on a commercial trading system called Winning Solution, a clone has been made with a given name “DOLLY” (Anyhow, why should we buy a trading system which still give false signals??)After doing forward testing, sometimes we found the new day signal began inside the buy / sell area, which made us to postpone our […]

Isakas II Forex Trading System - Best for trending market!
Do you like trading on a trending market? Then this system is suitable for you.This system only use 4 indicators, they are: NonlagDOT, FlatTrend, BollingerBand Stop, and Fisher Kuskus.Just download file below, and use the template to make your meta trader chart exactly like screenshot below.Enjoy your trading!
This is a great and simple forex trading […]

Shiny15 System - A simple but profitable Intraday Forex Strategy
MT4 indicators and template attached - Updated to version 1.3This is an easy to use system that I’m working on. I’m using EURJPY/15 minutes only for now. Please try it out and help me improve it!SettingsEURJPY 15 minutesHeiken Ashi default (usually comes with MT4)SSL 5Laguerre Gamma 0.75, Levels 0.75 and 0.25IndicatorsHeiken Ashi is similar to […]

Catch up to 30 pips easily per day via daily GBPUSD breakout system :)
This is a really simple breakout strategy! Optimal for GBPUSD Pair!Just set your sell stop and buy stop according to this system, and you can earn up to 30 pips per day without any stress.A perfect set and forget strategy!
–Click here for full image–
This simple system is limited to ultimaforex active clients only. Once you […]

The 80’s Trading System - Optimal on H1 Chart!
BUY if all indicators are WHITE.SELL iff all indicators are RED. The 80’s Trading System - Optimal on H1 Chart!

KuasaForex System FREE
This is a great free forex trading strategy and will produce great results on market with strong trend. Just put this system on any pairs with M30 or H1 timeframe.Somebody sold this for 97 Ringgit Malaysia at kuasaforex[dot]dom. Don’t buy it! He sold indicators that he get for free at!!
BUY when all […]


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